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BR Consulting specializes in helping local business owners grow their online presence.


Digital marketing can be over whelming, get in touch with BR Consulting to help you make the right decision for online marketing. We want your business/brand to have a positive and impactful online experience

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Marketer by Day, Analysis by Night.
``The Truth Lies Within The Data``
- Bryan Rammel


You will be happy because of the expectations being laid out and the strategic plan being mapped out to be executed upon.


We know what it takes to help your local business no matter where you are!


The Birth of BR Consulting

December 2016

What Got Us Into Marketing

Became a member of the American Marketing Association while attending Florida Atlantic University. During this time I became an active member and took a real liking for social media and social marketing collectively. I became Vice President of this organization and grew it’s paid membership by 500% and raised $10,000 for the club.

August 2017

Networking at Florida Atlantic University

Was elected Vice President of 3 Clubs:

  • Owls Inc. (Entrepreneurship Club)
  • Visionary Owls (started by the office of Lead & Serve)
  • American Marketing Association

August 2017

The Birth of Full Time Employment!

Interning my Senior year while attending Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, at a Home Health Care agency. It was here I began applying my networking and digital marketing skills. I remained with the company through graduation and about 3 months after graduation. I left having implemented and built the companies website, social presence, and staff scheduling process.

July 2018

Wanting to Learn More

With a desire to learn more and sharpen my skills I looked into more digital marketing opportunities. Through my research I came across a small agency where I would be able to get a lot of hands on experience and knowledge at a very fast pace. It was here I discovered my niche for helping Local Business’s to Grow there Online Presence.

January 2019

Company Established


We had opportunities to help local business owners here in the South Florida market as well as some others here in the United States, and gathered referrals from satisfied customers! Our core focus is to give your business a positive online experience and getting you a positive ROI for online marketing.

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