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Tucker Dukes x Shrimp Tank x Marketing

The “American Dream”- a notorious phrase meant to inspire and lead. It’s meant to serve as the stepping ladder upon which one can not only merely grasp for what’s at the top, but get a solid footing and put in the leg work to climb towards it. 2020 was demoralizing for many, defiant even. Last year unfortunately crushed the vitality of many local businesses all over the world, not only here in South Florida. As the second month of 2021 arrives, here are some tips to keep breathing life into our community, Boca Raton, and beyond. 


Besides looking into marketing consulting firms like BR Consulting, and gaining advice from experts at The Shrimp Tank Podcast, there are ways to support local businesses. Try a new restaurant in town instead of ordering from a big chain – Tucker Duke’s makes a mean burger and I love the onion rings too if I can be a bit biased. After enjoying a meal or experiencing excellent customer service somewhere, hop online and write a review of the business. Feature them on your blog and/or social media, buy gift cards as a treat for someone, and be sure to refer them to those you encounter. 


2021 can and will be a fresh start for local businesses and entrepreneurs. Changing the past is, as we know, impossible, but it certainly doesn’t solidify our futures. Be kind to yourselves and others, and genuine in your purpose. Honor those who make you smile, and pay it forward. The same can be done for you. Stay safe, friends! 

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Support Local Business
Now it is more important than ever to support local businesses and to shop local. These are a few of my favorite spots in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area of South Florida.