Search Engine Optimization “SEO” – How to Get Found Online

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to in marketing as “SEO” is the writing of content in order for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to be able to read what you or your business do online and digest it concisely enough to know when to show it to users searching for that particular thing.


How does this look in practice? 

If you type in “ice cream near me” the search engine will show you ice cream shops near you. Now the search engine takes in a ton of different factors in order to show you the ice cream stores near you. A lot of the factors will be how close the shop is near you, the amount of times ice cream appears in the shops content, and the amount of reviews confirming the shop does in fact serve ice cream.

Why is it Important to have a Strategy to Gain SEO presence?

Because once the search engines know when and where to show your business the more FREE traffic you will get to your store/website.  So keep telling the internet what your business does and create fun and interactive content.

I created a checklist of some technical things for websites that are useful for making sure your website and content is SEO Optimized. See the link below to download



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