How to Give Access to Google My Business – Local Marketing Help

When adding someone to your digital media assets it is important to give the right permissions and data.

Here at BR Consulting we specialize in localized marketing and getting customers to YOU or YOUR BUSINESS. An important piece of doing this is through the use of Google My Business

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When you go to Google My Business you will be prompted with this screen

Google My Business Login Screen
To Get Started Sign In by clicking in the top right hand corner

If you are already logged in to your Gmail email account you will be able to get into your Google My Business listing by clicking the Manage Now tab, if not you will be prompted to sign into a Gmail email in order to move forward. Once you are logged in a list or individual listing will be displayed on your screen, as seen in the image below.

Select the listing you desire to give access to by clicking on the name or address of the listing
Note do NOT select the check box

Next we will click into the listing by clicking the business name or the address of the listing. Once we do this we will be displayed with a new screen with a list of options on the left side. Please see the image below.

Select the 11th option down from the left (Users) to manage the permissions of your Google My Business listing. This will display the following screen.

To add another person to the listing click in the top right hand corner
Note the level of access indicated in the column that says “Primary Owner”

Here you will see any other email’s that have access to your listing, as well at what level of access they have permission to the locations listing. To add an additional person/email you will want to click in the top right hand corner highlighted by the red box on the image above. After selecting this a new screen will be displayed, as seen below.

Choose a role for which level of access you want to give.

Finally you have made it! Now comes the tough decision! What level of access does the person need? To learn more about this read below or check out Google My Business Help. Once you have figured out the level of access simply type the person’s email address and click in the bottom right hand corner “Invite” and they will receive an email with a button to accept the invite. BR Consulting hopes to receive an invite from you soon to manage your Google My Business!

There are 3 types of users for listings: owners, managers, and site managers. When owners add users, they share management of a listing with multiple people without having to share their password. (Google Groups cannot be added as managers or owners of listings.)

Owners and managers of listings

Each listing can have multiple owners, but only one primary owner. Owners and primary owners have the same capabilities, but a primary owner can’t remove themselves from a listing until they transfer their primary ownership to another user.

Business listing owner

Managers have all of the capabilities of an owner, except for particularly sensitive capabilities such as removing the listing or managing access to it.

Business listing manager

Add a site manager to your business listing to help manage your business presence on Google. A site manager interacts with customers, publishes posts and photos, and responds to reviews on behalf of your listing.

A site manager sign-up link can be found in the Business Profile of claimed chain locations on Maps and Search. The sign-up link makes it easier for franchise owners and store managers to manage listings for locations they own or operate.

Site managers will be verified by Google to make sure their profile data is accurate. Owners can still manage user access through their Google My Business accounts.

How to Give Access to Google My Business - Local Marketing Help
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How to Give Access to Google My Business - Local Marketing Help
This quick and easy to read guide walks you through the permission levels of Google My Business and provides detailed images on where to go to invite people to your Google My Business listing.
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