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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization. A fancy term to summarize the the words you have on your website and how well they explain your business/service. Google and other search engines are becoming smarter day by day and you can no longer just put the term you are trying to rank for over and over again.

Here is an example. Say you sell lemonade, you would want to use terms like best lemonade, sweet lemonade, delicious lemonade, and the search engines would see this and start to show your page based on what people are searching for. Sounds simple right? Well I am trying to make it that way but the fact of the matter is this strategy would have worked in the 90’s or early 2000’s.


However we are in 2020 and the internet is filled with content so you have to do a collection of things to prove to the search engines you are who you say you are or do what you say you do. Submit your site or reach out to discuss how you can grow your online presence.

Check Titles, Descriptions, H1-H6 Tags, Size Of Page

The text you do NOT see. These categories are on the back end of your website and are some of the most important. Having these filled out can help your business rank even quicker with the right strategy.

Scan All External And Internal Links On Web Page

Backlinks, Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number, Links to other websites from your site – these also affect SEO

Check Google Score For Usability And Speed

How fast is your website? More Importantly How Fast Does It Load on Your Cellphone. We will tell you just that and more with this free analysis.


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In a day and age filled with guru’s and experts we prefer to let our results do the talking.  We work with you, not for you. Contact BR Consulting today to see how we can help you with your online presence.

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