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How to Give Access to Google My Business – Local Marketing Help

When adding someone to your digital media assets it is important to give the right permissions and data. Here at BR Consulting we specialize in localized marketing and getting customers to YOU or YOUR BUSINESS. An important piece of doing this is through the use of Google My Business – Don’t have this set […]...
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Instagram Organic Growth Hack

For the best results on Instagram you have to put out content constantly and consistently. Content that is more creative and incorporating proper filters typically work best. Using additional creative such as giphy’s, music, emoji’s, and customized filters provide additional results but are not always necessary and can be overused in some circumstances. These are […]...
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How Do You Get Found on Google?

Getting found on Google means lots of good things for your business. It means building a stronger online presence, creating brand awareness for your business, and getting more customers in the door. There are three major ways to get found on Google; through Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Images. But getting found doesn’t just […]...